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  • What is True North Ministries?
    In order for a man to get his heart back, he’s got to take a journey. One that involves risk, danger, and a point of no return. It is a four-day quest into the recovery of the masculine soul. True North Basecamp is more than a retreat—it is an expedition of the heart. You will never be the same!
  • How old do you have to be to attened?
  • Where are the camps located?
    Stuart Oklahoma Stratford Oklahoma Kingfisher Oklahoma Texas(Coming Soon) Kansas(Coming Soon)
  • Can I room with a friend or family member?
    We will make every effort to place you in the same room as your friends. When you register for camp, there is a place on the form for you to request your friends as roommates. If you’ve already registered and want to make a change, just email
  • What should I pack for camp?
    Things we recomend bringing: 1. A watch 2. We'll be staying in bunkhouses that have mattresses, so bring a sleeping bag and/or sheets/blankets for your bunk. 3. Pillow 4. Camp chair 5. Flashlight 6. Two to three Towels 7. Toiletries 8. Cash or card if you would like to purchase swag, gun raffle, or do any extra activities 9. Sunscreen 10. Bug Spray 11. Camera 12. Extension cord(8-10 ft),CPAP the electrical socket may be a distance from you bunk. 13. Bible 14. Watch the weather a couple of days before Basecamp for appropriate casual clothing to bring (jacket, sweatshirts, etc.) There is no need for dress clothes. It is totally casual the entire time. 15. We will have lots of free time built in and there will be the opportunity to play a variety of sports and activities, so bringing some tennis shoes is a good idea. 16. Fishing equipment if you'd like to fish. 17. Bring your Pistols, Shotguns and ammo (NO RIFLES). Additionally, shooting glasses/sunglasses and ear protection. We will have designated days, times and outdoor ranges available free of charge.
  • What activities are available?
    We offer plenty of activities that will bring out your competitive, and adventurous sides. During free time, you can enjoy activities like zip-lining, canoeing, hiking, wall climbing, fishing, playing games in the gameroom, watching movies and more. The full schedule of activities will be explained when you arrive at camp. One day we shoot pistols and one day we shoot shotguns. Both will be led by qualified RSO. Bring your own ammo and bring your own guns.
  • Are there discounts?
    True North offers a scholarship program. This can be applied for through emailing We would love to hear from you on this matter. We will not let money hold you back from hearing the voice of God.
  • What are the prefered methods of payment at camps?
    We do accept cash, checks, and credit cards for activities and last-minute registrations.
  • Is True North directly affiliated with any church?
    True North Ministries is a 501(c)3 organization and is not affiliated with any church or denomination.
  • How do I become  a volunteer?
    For your first camp, we want you to rest in Jesus’ presence and focus on growing closer to Him without serving the men around you. Once you’ve attended at least one camp, you are able to choose from several volunteer teams that work to create an environment where men can hear from God. You can also serve on the team that promotes the True North year round. To volunteer with True North, email and someone will help you find the right team for you.
  • How can I help promote True North Ministries?
    We love that so many of our camp attendees want to help spread the word about our camps! If you’re interested in promoting True North at your church, contact
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